LearnXPro Features

Course Builder

Drag & drop Course Builder allows you to easily create multi-layer courses. It is also the only course builder on the market that let’s you re-use your content, making it easy for you to spin-up courses!

Advanced Quizzing/Exam

8 Question Types : Single choice, multiple choice, free text, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank, and survey.

Question Banks : Create question banks and organize them into categories.

Insert Any Media:Add video, audio, and images to any of the questions & answer choices.

Flexible Question Display : Show all questions at once, one at a time, several on a page, and even allow users to skip.

Randomize :“Randomly display both questions and the available answers.

Limit Attempts :Set a limit for the number of times a quiz can be attempted.

Block Progression :Require that a user passes a quiz before they can continue.

Time Limits :Limit and track the amount of time users spend taking a quiz.

Provide Hints :
Give text, video, and image hints to users as they go through your quiz.

Schedule Classes

“Lessons or Chapters can be scheduled for a particular date and time in 2 ways
1. After cetrain days of enrollment
2. Specific date"

Flexible Prerequisites

Using LearnXPro, you can determine which courses need to be taken and in what order. Create a guided learning path or give student the option to choose the courses they take.

Dynamic Forums

Encourage conversation among students by adding a course specific forum to your courses and limit participation to only those who are enrolled into the course.


“Take your class LMS to another level by using the feature-packed LearnXPro’s Gradebook.

Automatically syncs with LearnXPro quiz and assignment grades
Supports manual grade submission
Weighted grades and Offline grading
Student Report Cards"

Course Points

Award points to students as they complete courses, and allow students to unlock new courses based on the points they have earned – great for letting them choose their own dynamic learning path!

Certificates & Badges

“Award official certificates based on exam performance, completeing a course, or both! Certificates can be 100% customized and support dynamic data generation, including:
-First & Last Name
-Course or Quiz Name
-Date Stamps
-Quiz Score
-Avg. Score of All Quizzes
…And Much More!"


Charge a one-time fee for your courses, or choose to maximize revenue through recurring payments and subscriptions. When using a shopping cart, customers will lose access the moment that their subscription payment fails – ensuring that they maintain their course access only if they continue to pay.


“Using LearnXPro, you can sell individual courses and each course acts as its own “membership”, effectively granting content access to only those who are enrolled.
When someone purchases a membership level, they are automatically enrolled in any course that is part of that level!"

Course Bundling

Want to offer your courses in bundles? Using LearnXPro and our integrations this just takes a few “clicks”! When someone purchases a bundle they are then enrolled into all of the courses in that bundle. This is a great way to provide discounts for bulk purchases!

Online Payments

Online payments can be quickly integrated in the system

User Profiles

“LearnXPro offers robust user profiles so your students can see which courses they can access, their progress, quiz performance, and print any earned certificates. As the admin, you can quickly and easily manage your users.

  • Enroll and un-enroll any user
  • Re-print certificates
  • Assign Groups
  • Manage points
  • Delete course data
  • Modify usesrname, email, password, and more
  • Mark and un-mark courses, lessons, and quizzes as complete"

Email Notifications

“Communicating with students and Group leaders can be achieved

  • Email students of a particular course or status
  • Configure automatic emails based on activities
  • Set-up reminder notifications when a new lesson is available, a course is about to expire, or if the student has not logged in for a few days"

Group Management

“Organize your students any way you wish by placing them into groups. Once in a group, assign a Group Leader (teacher) who can manage their progress and performance.

LearnXPro Groups is a great way to mass-enroll users into courses and to make sure that they are all on the same drip-feed schedule for the content. You can also pull group related reports so you always know how they are performing."


Course Progress :View a student’s courses and their progress in each one.

Quiz Performance :Track student quiz attempts, if they passed, and their score.

Time on Course :Track how long a student has spent on a course.

Live Activity Stream : See how students are interacting with your course content in real-time.

Progress Breakdown :Graphical representation of exactly how far along students are in a particular course.

Pending Approval :Queue of the assignments and essays requiring your attention.

Assignment Management

“Require that your students submit assignments at different parts of your course. Assignments can be required at the Chapter level and the Subject level. Choose to have them automatically approved, or require that they be manually awarded points & approved.
Leave feedback by including private comments on the assignment that only the submitter will be able to see."

Expire Access

Allow students to have indefinite access to your courses, or you can expire access after a certain amount of time. This is a perfect way to encourage re-certifications and renewals from your students!

Live Class Room

Unlimited Online Classes : Online classes can be conducted for longer durations with no interruptions.

Unlimited Parallel Classes/Hosts :Currently supporting upto 10 classes at the same time (parallel classes). But the system can be scaled up for more participants.

Multi User White board :White board used for drawing or writing with mouse pointer for efficient teaching. Teacher and the students can access the whiteboard.

Exportable Shared Notes: Notes could be written and shared with students. The notes during the meeting can be exported to PDF/DOC and can be shared thorough LearnXPro

Instant Messaging :Instant messaging is available during the online classes. Teachers or students can ask questions, answer or explain.

Technical Features

Fully Responsive
Creative Design
Free Demo
Individual Cloud Instance